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There has been a lot of talk about the design of the Burrows so we wanted to give you a little insight into the process. Our Creative Director, Imery Watson along with the super talented team at Beyond have worked their magic in bringing the Fluf World vision to life.

We first started working with Imery back in 2018 on an Augmented Reality project for a theme park in China. He created some gorgeous characters that unfortunately never got further than the pitch deck, such is life. After staying in touch, a chance encounter between Anton and Imery on a Bunnings Deck chair led to new opportunities. One that would see the vision of the Burrows come to life.  Who doesn't love a good Saturday visit to Bunnings.

For those new to Fluf World and the Burrows, it’s a big exciting story best read over here. The Burrows are the next step in your Fluf World Experience. A place to breed, party and hang out with your friends. An open Metaverse where more characters will be joining the party soon.

Getting started

Sitting around a big table, the Beyond team workshopped what we wanted the burrows to look like. Based on a brief from Fluf World and their Lore, the team set to work. The Burrows needed to be interesting, mysterious, functional places that warrant exploration and repeat visits... Above all; Something fun to own.  So instead of approaching it as a traditional game environment, this was viewed as an architecture project.

“ Just the fact that it’s architecture but it has no visible constraints. It has a polygon count but it doesn’t have “oh sorry we couldn’t get the materials” or that part or it’s going to be too expensive or not in the client's budget. This is pure- for a while there was a paper architect movement Brodsky and Utkin  people like that, they would make these amazing, cool drawings and sculptures and they were totally unconstrained so it’s pretty fun! I bet most architects would love not to have to worry about where the pipes go or the sink. So basically that's what we are doing. It’s almost pure aesthetics, which is also tricky because you don’t have any constraints so what we had to do was work out what our constraints were going to be, from the beginning to make it usable in some way. We felt, what are these Flufs like, what do they want to do? They are party animals, they love to party so here’s a space that reflects that, it’s slightly mysterious - so it means you can’t see the whole place at once, you actually have to walk from place to place because you never know what you’ll find. The whole structure is running on this cool mycelium network which takes the place of electricity or communications in our world. It has the anagalogy of our world, but the function is different. The function is just to enjoy it and have fun.” Imery Watson, Beyond Art Director

And with those ideas in mind the concepts could begin. Concept designs start with the most simple of sketches that slowly develop over time, with the Burrows concept sketch looking a little bit like this….

And with those ideas in mind the concepts could begin. Concept designs start with the most simple of sketches that slowly develop over time, with the Burrows concept process looking like this...

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With the concepts finished the real hard work to convert these concepts into 3D environments began. With Matt, Lex, Nick, Anton, Jessica, Phil, Tristan, Thomas, Hayden and Imery all working together utilising Unreal Engine, Maya, Substance Painter, ZBrush, Redshift and classic old Adobe Suite. These bad boys consumed our studio for 5 months, and will continue for many moons to come.

Building three FLUF world burrows with a native iOS app and Android app was no small feat in this timeframe. Then to add in the Snoop Burrow at Christmas, the team have been nothing but exceptional to create such high end art and environments in a short amount of time.

Take this sculpture that will be in the rare Snoop Dogg themed Burrow. It’s dope. So what does Imery, our Art Director, want people to experience when they bring their Flufs into the burrows for the first time?

“ It would be really cool if they felt like they wanted to be there already. If you see it for the first time and want to be in that place with your friends, listening to music, chilling out, playing video games. Whatever you would do ... in the most amazing palatial lounge, play area that existed. And hopefully, we're providing a glimpse of that. And then, the world is going to extend beyond that. So that's also going to be fun, figuring out what is the world that surrounds these places? And how does it work? And what are the rules? What are the fun things that can be done there? And there's all kinds of stuff we've talked about, which I probably can't talk about yet.”

Burrows in collaboration with Fluf world and Beyond will be minting January 20th 10.15am NZDT for Fluf owners. If you miss out on mint, don't worry you can head on over to OpenSea for secondary sales.

Are you ready to join the party?

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