Aug 25, 2023





At Beyond, we've always been passionate about making games that bring joy and excitement to players. This month we've taken a moment to reflect on how it all began and the core values that have guided us throughout our journey.

While rummaging through the archives, we stumbled upon a document titled "Making Games that People Love." It instantly transported us back to the early days, reminding us of our mantra at the time: "Follow the fun." Despite the countless lessons learned and the remarkable progress we've made, it's reassuring to realise that our vision has remained steadfast. We're still dedicated to infusing goodness into people's lives through immersive virtual worlds and, above everything else, making them fun!

At the time, we were making our multiplayer, location-based virtual reality game Oddball and doing regular Friday user testing sessions. We took this as an opportunity to try and measure the fun, so we could repeat and extend the Oddball formula in future games. We took a deep dive into analysing our own work and other games we love to identify the elements that make them a joy to play. For our target audience, several factors consistently emerge:


It’s a fundamental aspect of gaming, and we believe in the power of shared experiences. Whether players cooperate, compete, strategise, or simply engage with friends and online communities, the social aspect enriches the gameplay and amplifies the fun.

Being challenged

Overcoming obstacles, solving puzzles, and engaging in competitive gameplay provide a sense of accomplishment and foster a feeling of mastery, enhancing the overall fun factor.


We pride ourselves on taking players to new dimensions—away from reality and into virtual worlds with captivating narratives, rich storytelling, and immersive environments. We want players to escape into our games, lose themselves in the experience, and find joy in exploring our meticulously crafted universes. 

Expression and creativity

We believe that giving players the ability to express themselves, customise characters, build structures, or create unique content cultivates a sense of freedom and self-expression that enhances their enjoyment of the game.

Embracing silliness

We believe that fun often lies in the unexpected and the whimsical. Injecting a touch of silliness into our games adds an extra layer of enjoyment and surprise, creating moments of laughter and delight for players.

It's important to note that while these measurement approaches can provide insights into the fun factor, they do not capture the entirety of a player's experience. Fun is subjective and can vary based on individual preferences and gaming demographics, so we always follow our intuition and do lots and lots of testing! 

However, researching and validating the elements that make our games fun has been invaluable in driving us forward and staying true to our vision. By understanding the core components of enjoyable gameplay, we have been able to craft experiences that consistently spark "wow" moments for our players. 

Have you had a wow moment lately? Perhaps it’s time to try a new game and judge what makes something fun for you!

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Beyond showcase of Oddball with mobile gamers joining virtual reality players