Beyond & FLUF World And Have Raised Over $1m for Auckland City Mission

Beyond & FLUF World And Have Raised Over $1m for Auckland City Mission


Jan 21, 2022




Beyond & FLUF World And Have Raised Over $1m for Auckland City Mission

FLUF World and Beyond have raised over $1million through their NFT community on behalf of the Auckland City Mission in a surprise one day charity auction.

FLUF World, Beyond and Snoop Dogg teamed up this week to pull together a charity auction to help those in need by raising money for the Auckland City Mission.

Seven FLUF World NFTs were paired with seven limited edition Snoop themed ‘Burrow’ spaces designed by Wellington based Beyond and sold on the NFT trading platform OpenSea with the help of the FLUF World NFT community.

The relationship with the Auckland City Mission and Non-Fungible Labs, who own FLUF World, began with a $100,000 donation to the charity just before Christmas.

The past week has been a big stepping stone for FLUF World after securing a partnership with rapper and celebrity Snoop Dogg, who is working to create his own NFTs, as well as themed digital merchandise. The NFT company has also released the first of its ‘Burrow’ spaces – places where ‘Flufs’,‘Party Bears’, and other NFT avatars will be able to inhabit in the metaverse.

“I’ve been passionate about Auckland City Mission as a charity for some time. While I was visiting the Mission a few days ago, it occurred to me… While it’s great we are creating digital burrows for the FLUFs, why can’t we be helping the Mission house actual people who just need a place to call home. I talked to the team and next thing you know we were organizing the auction. I never dreamed we would raise over $1million NZ dollars in one day. I couldn’t have been more proud of our community,” says Co-Founder Brooke Howard Smith.

For the NFT community the FLUF World Discord server is a place to chat about the latest news in the metaverse and find out what’s happening with the minted FLUF and Party Bear NFTs. Discord has been a-buzz over the past few days in the leadup to their hotly anticipated ‘Burrows’ release, spurred on by the announcement of the Snoop collab and the surprise charity auction. The FLUF team are also working on music collaborations for their new Party Packs concept which includes work with electronic duo Disclosure.

“Building these beautiful burrows for the virtual world is one thing, but to be able to support such a worthy cause and make a difference in the real world is just incredible. The team at Beyond feel very privileged to be able to recognise the hard work that the Auckland City Mission do,” says COO Beyond Studio, Anton Mitchell

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Watch the charity auction recording with Fluf World team members, Helen Robinson and team from the Auckland City Mission:

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Beyond & FLUF World And Have Raised Over $1m for Auckland City Mission