Feb 1, 2023






Beyond and Chibi Labs have got their communities buzzing with a major reveal of the first land parcels in their new virtual ecosystem, Gravitale. Designed and developed for Chibis and WEB3 friends, the intergalactic estates are equipped with identity-building tools and will be released in Q2 2023.

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On June 20th last year at NFT NYC, Beyond and Chibi Labs announced they will build a gamified virtual world together. This week they announced the name of their project and shared artwork of the first land blocks in all their neon-galactic-jungle glory.

The new world is called Gravitale (pronounced grav-uh-tayl), and is the foundational platform for a whole new ecosystem with infinite possibilities for further expansion into the Chibi experience. The first assets to grace the space are habitable land masses brimming with vibrant landscapes and luscious alien plant life. The land art reveal is more than concepts—it shows a fully realized 3D asset that hints at how Chibis and other characters will integrate into virtual environments. The cyborg-like island floating above the planets features a hi-tech-looking home base where Chibis and friends can go Beyond their digital DNA and customize their digital identity in an immersive world.

The global partnership (hailing from New York and New Zealand) promises to intertwine gaming, utility, community, and art to cultivate an impressive space with digital innovations not seen by the Web3 space before. Beyond is known for curating and creating beautiful worlds and has talent from the likes of Disney, Wētā, and the Third Floor. Their credibility was further amplified earlier  in the year with their release of the visually stunning Burrows experience they created for the Flufs. The entire collection sold out within 10 minutes.

Co-Founder Mat Sposta shares that Chibi Labs is developing a fully integrated ecosystem that allows collectors to access and manipulate their Chibi IP, as well as other NFT assets and IP, across different environments and platforms. "We identified Beyond as the most dynamic partner with the experience and expertise to execute our ambitious vision. We believe digital identity is at the core of the WEB3 evolution. Gravitale will be the launch pad for those developing their 3D identities and exploring new virtual environments."

The collaboration between Beyond and Chibi Labs is born from a shared set of values.

Beyond Co-founder Anton Mitchell says, "As virtual world builders, we're all about creating well-executed, interactive, social environments, and we are excited to help expand the Chibi experience into a new realm.

For now, there may be more questions than answers, but something we know for sure is that the Chibi experience is about to get a whole lot more awesome.

Beyond is the premier Virtual World Venture Studio, creating experiences and spaces where everyone can belong. They push the boundaries of art and technology to create immersive and captivating VR, Web3, and mobile experiences.

Driven by the question: "When you can build any world you want, why not make it better?", Beyond produces immersive experiences that not only wow, but promote a culture of social connection and belonging.

Chibi Labs is an NFT studio developing Art, Virtual Worlds and other Web3 applications. They are the parent organization behind the various sold out Chibi collections. With WEB3-equipped collections of exclusive NFT avatars, a highly engaged community & an emphasis on education, integration & commercialization, Chibi Labs is on a mission to make Web3 accessible & inclusive for all.